Calibration Products

Calibration Products

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Gas Blender

In order to accurately calibrate Protea's range of gas analyser products, it is important to have repeatable gas calibration system. Protea’s gas blender products can achieve large calibration ranges to be covered from higher concentration gas reference standards. Using the latest in Mass Flow Controller (MFC) technology, the units are self-contained with embedded PC controller. The units can deliver calibration gas flows between 0-5lpm. The gas blender software can be programmed in order to run a sequence of calibration data points to improve laboratory efficiency.

Evaporation Calibrator

In order to achieve gaseous calibrations of solvents that are liquid at room temperature, Protea has developed our evaporation calibrator. This unit uses a syringe pump to control accurate liquid doses into a heated carrier gas stream. This allows ppm levels to % Volume levels of gas calibrations to be carried out for solvents.

The evaporation methodology is also used to generate calibrations of acid gases such as HCl and HF from solutions. Traceable solutions of HCl and HF can be pumped via peristaltic pump into the evaporation system. The evaporation chamber is completely lined with PTFE to aid in response times, repeatability and stop corrosion of the evaporation chamber.

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