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The Protea HMI forms the hub of an advanced Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS).

In addition to collecting data from Protea’s advanced range of Continuous Emission Monitoring Analysers, it is configured to receive data from complementary devices, e.g. dust / opacity, oxygen and flow. This enables the system to display gas concentration on a normalised basis and, if required, in mass units e.g. kg/hour.

Protea HMI

The Analysers communicate via a serial data link to the Protea - HMI which can be located up to 1200 m from the stack mounted CEMS. To facilitate ease of operation, the intuitive software runs under Windows CE™ and the HMI utilises touch screen controls for all operator functions.

The Protea - HMI is capable of supporting up to four Protea Analysers with associated third part devices. The Protea - HMI unit forms the heart of a sophisticated Continuous Emissions Monitoring System, displaying monitored gases and particulate concentrations, (O2 Normalised and on a WET / DRY basis if required) and transmitting the data in industrial standard formats.

The Protea - HMI fulfils the analyser control functions, enabling for example the initialisation of an automatic or manual zero and calibration functions, in-situ sample heater temperature set point, output device assignment and alarm allocation / level. The unit also runs diagnostic routines on all analysers within the system with associated visual, MODBUS and contact closure alarms.

Additional Screens

Additional Screens

Various screens either analyser-specific or system can be accessed using the “soft” touch screen multi-function buttons. These include a “Test” screen as shown which enables the operator to check the health of the individual analysers. In addition the operator / service engineer can view and make adjustments through password protected menu and accessible screens.

These include for example:

  • Test - One of each Analyser Unit (AU) showing all measured values
  • Alarm - Alarms for each channel can be assigned and designated
  • Menu - Multiple set-up menus for each analyser and the system
Main Screen

Main Screen

Data from up to eight channels per instrument can be presented on an individual front panel comprising:

  • Concentration / measurement value.
  • Alarm configuration and levels.
  • Alarm status.
  • Normalisation (correction for carbon dioxide or oxygen).
  • Wet / dry basis reporting.
  • System diagnostic alarm with access to specific detailed displays.
  • Autozero / calibration status.
  • Analyser connection status and analyser-specific status panel screens for each instrument.

System Capability

  • Supports up to four (4) Protea Analysers each with up to four (4) third party inputs.
  • MODBUS slave connectivity to plant DCS.
  • Zero Calibration Status (Zero and Calibration report).
  • PROFIBUS – Slave connectivity (optional).

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