CFC Analyser

CFC Analyser

CFC Emissions Monitoring

CFCs are used in the manufacture of insecticides and herbicides and the environmental impact of their use must be well controlled. The treatment of CFC emissions to reduce the emissions in the intermediary steps of production needs to be monitored with 100% efficiency. Protea’s portable CFC analysers and continuous CFC monitoring systems can be configured with various sample inlets and analytical modelling to enable multi-samples to be measured on the one system. This means that both inlet and outlet to abatement systems can be monitored using the one analyser.

Protea has delivered on-line process and emissions analyser systems that monitor both the high level process concentrations and the low level emission concentrations of CFC in such production plants. Commonly, activated carbon beds are used as abatement systems – the CFC emissions being adsorbed onto the bed. The efficiency of any abatement system is critical to its operation, not just in ensuring emissions are reduced as much as possible, but an efficient bed has cost savings for the operator.

The FTIR analyser is a full-spectrum analytical device that enables the whole Mid-IR spectrum to be detected in a single instrument. The system can be programmed with unique analytical models, which can enable hundreds of gases to be measured on the one instrument. This allows for a wide range of CFC emissions to be monitored, both a large number of different CFC species and also a large CFC concentration range. The following list is a few of the commons CFC emissions we have monitored.

AD141 CFC Abatement Monitoring Brochure

Typical CFC and measurement ranges either side of carbon bed

CFC Species Example Inlet /%Vol Example Outlet /ppm Typical Outlet LDL / ppm
R113 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.07
R113a 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.08
R123 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.06
R11 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.07
R141b 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.08
R12 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.08
R22 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.05
R32 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.04
R125 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.07
R134a 0 - 5 0 - 5 0.04
Water 0 - 5 0 - 50 0.01%

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