Free FTIR Software

IR Spectrum Analysis

Protea has developed the Protea Spectrum Viewer as a Free FTIR Software tool to download. Although primarily for IR optical spectroscopy, the Free Spectrum Viewer also opens and manipulates mass spectra data.

The Protea IR spectral analysis tool was developed by Protea to supplement our full on-line analytical software packages for running our FTIR gas analysers. The FTIR spectrum viewer allows the manipulation of IR spectra and can prove a valuable tool for the analyst working with spectra. For manipulating spectra, overlaying different reference spectra and identifying species that are present, it is offered free of charge to anyone interested in working with spectra.

A list of some of the features of Free FTIR Software are given below. To obtain a copy, please fill in the enquiry form here.

Free FTIR Software
  • Open and save .spc, .spectrum, .dx (J-CAMP), .txt
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide spectra, either using constant values or other spectra
  • Spectral Wipe
  • Average together selected spectra
  • Convert Transmission>Absorption etc
  • Expand and crop spectra to fit data sets
  • Peak position locator
  • Baseline correction
  • Shift, scale and stretch x-axis

Download The Spectrum Viewer

Download Spectrum Viewer ZIP Files

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