Analyser Product Range

Product Range

Protea’s range of gas analysis represent the highest levels of performance and accuracy in industrial and research gas measurements. With Protea’s in-house expertise on spectroscopic analysis methods, we can offer gas analysers to measure almost any gas, in any background.

Protea was the first company in the UK to use Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) gas analysers for mobile stack emissions testing. Having operated a UKAS-accredited ISO 17025 test house alongside the instrument manufacturing department, Protea has been able to develop our instrumentation with an understanding of the needs of our end-users and customers.

Protea has expanded our range of FTIR gas analysers, introducing the atmosFIR product line, giving a more mobile, feature-packed and customisable platform for gas measurement for emissions, process and research application. We have recently introduced the Solus TDL analyser to give cost-effective measurement of NH3 or HCl gases only. The revised ProMass Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer now gives measurement of almost any gas, with large dynamic range and very quick response times.

All of Protea’s analysers are manufactured, tested and calibrated at our offices in the UK.