Heated Gas Sampling System

Heated Gas Sampling System

Mutipoint Gas Sample Selection Module

For heated gas sampling from up to 4 separate sample points, Protea’s Heated Stream Selection Module (HSSM) is a ready to use 19" rack interface that can be used with Protea’s range of multigas FTIR analysers or any other industrial gas instrumentation.

The standard HSSM includes a bank of 4 heated solenoid valves with 1 common outlet, allowing each of the sample points to be switched onto sample simply. The HSSM runs with constant by-pass of all sample points for quick response time.

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Fully stainless steel construction of sampling parts is utilized, with the option for coating the sample stream when reactive or "sticky" gases are to be measured. The HSSM is capable of heating to 180°C for measurement of wet stack emissions such as from incineration applications, as part of a complete heated gas sampling system.

In a complete hot gas analyser system from Protea, any number of HSSM units can be configured together with our complete Sampling Control system, which gives automated sequencing of the sample streams from within the FTIR software. For example, 3 HSSM modules can be used together allowing 12 sample points, all with heated lines and heated probes to be measured with the 1 gas analyser.

The benefits of Protea’s FTIR analyser software means that completely separate gas analysis calibrations can be loaded for each measurement point. This means in effect one analyser can do the job of many, measuring completely different process at each point.

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