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In-Situ Continuous Emissions Monitoring

In-situ Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) analysers are flange mounted to the emissions point, with an in-situ sample cell inserted into the stack. Installing an in-stack CEM analyser removes the need for costly and high-maintenance sample handling components. Protea offers both Infra-Red (IR) and Ultra Violet (UV) in-situ gas analysers. The in-situ CEM systems are multi-component and can monitor multiple gases species simultaneously. The analyser also monitors water vapour and so the pollutant gases can be reported on a wet or dry bases depending on the local environmental agencies requirements.

The Protea In-Situ Analyser incorporates an automatic zero and calibration gas unit and is controlled by the microprocessor in the analyser. This allows the periodic zero and calibration to be carried out, fully challenging the system. The stack mounted analysers can accept up to three analogue inputs from third party instruments such as Oxygen, Velocity and Particulate. This gives the system the capability to report pollutant concentrations normalised and in mass units such as kg/hr.

The stack mounted analyser is connected via a serial link to the analyser control unit, which displays, data logs and re-transmits the concentrations (ppm, mg/Nm3, %) of the monitored flue gas components. Up to eight (8) analyser can be connected to a single Protea Analyser Control Unit.

Certification with environmental monitoring equipment standards is dependent on analyser series and application. Certification of models includes:

EN 15267-3 MCERTS; EN 14181 QAL 1
US EPA 40cfr part 60 & 75

In-Situ Analysers

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