Institute of Measurement and Control

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The Institute of Measurement and Control is committed to promoting the professional excellence and standing of engineers and technologists at all levels in the automation, instrumentation, control and related industries.

Its aims are to serve the public benefit by advancing the science and practice of measurement and control technologies and their various applications, to foster the exchange of views and the communication of knowledge and ideas in these activities, and to promote the professional development and qualification of its members. The Institute is therefore both a learned society and a professional qualifying body occupying a niche in the automation-focussed industries.

The Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) is the only professional body in the UK automation sector dedicated to the science and application of measurement and control. It is also a compact organisation where all grades of membership work closely together both centrally and throughout a comprehensive UK network of Local Sections to achieve common goals. Protea Limited is proud to be an InstMC companion company.

Institute of Measurement and Control

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