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With the full spectrum analysis of Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Spectrometers, there often occurs the absorption peaks or features of species that are "unknown" or new to the analysis method. The role of the analyst is often to identify these new species in order that they can be added to the quantitative analysis method.

Protea's range of FTIR gas analysers can measure hundreds of gas species. In order to provide the analysts with help in identification of unknown peaks in their spectra, Protea have provided the following band assignment lookup utility. By entering the absorption position of an unknown molecular vibration the tool will return suggestions on the bond that could be present.

Protea would also recommend the use of our free Spectrum Viewer software to help with the identification of unknown spectral features.

Protea can also provide both qualitative and quantitative spectral libraries to help with your analysis of FTIR spectra. Please Contact Us for more support.

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