Isokinetic Sampling

Isokinetic Sampling

Stack emissions isokinetic sampling equipment

Protea is now pleased to offer a full range of isokinetic sampling equipment for the stack emissions sampling of dust, metals and dioxins. Isokinetic sampling equipment requires the correct selection of type of sampling probe, gas sampling line (umbilical), sampling pump and equipment to control the sample flow (isokinetic sampling console) and the in-line filter hold, in stack our out-of-stack. As exclusive distributor of the Dadolab range of isokinetic sampling equipment, Protea can build the required set of parts for your measurement needs. Both in-stack cold probe equipment and out-of-stack sampling equipment if offered, with comprehensive support and training given.

Our isokinetic sampling equipment offered covers the requirements of such methods as:

BS EN 13284-1:2002 Total Particulate Matter (0-50mg/m3)
BS EN 14385:2004 Metals
BS ISO 15713:2006 Hydrogen Fluoride, Fluorides
BS EN 14791:2005 Sulphur Dioxide, Ammonia
BS EN 1911:2010 Hydrogen Chloride
BS EN 1948-1:2006 Dioxins and Furans

As well as US EPA Method 5, US EPA Method 17.

Please download our comprehensive datasheet for isokinetic sampling equipment here.

Specific details of the specific equipment for both in-stack isokinetic and out-of-stack isokinetic sampling can be found here:

Dust, in-stack (in-stack)

Gases, metals, dioxins, (out-of-stack)

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