MCPD Emissions

MCPD Emissions

Protea Support Services for MCPD

MCPD Support

Protea can provide support, consultancy and on-site service to help you with the implementation and compliance of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) emissions legislation to your process.

Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

The MCPD is new legislation to target the emission limit values (ELVs) from combustion plants between 1MW and 50MW. In particular, the MCPD is looking to reduce emissions of SO2 and NOx. Existing or new plants will be required to be registered and permitted under MCPD, carry out regular emissions monitoring and may require the installation of abatement technology in order to comply with the new ELVs. As well as SO2, NOx and Dust, all plants under MCPD must also monitor CO, but there is no ELV set for CO.

Periodic monitoring is required every three years for MCPs between 1MW and 20MW, and for >20MW annual or, if the EA permit stipulates it, a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEM).

Whilst using an approved test lab utilising the SRMs will comply with MCPD, it is not necessary. This allows plants to source suitable test regimes, that will need to be in discussion with the EA. The EA has produced Technical Guidance Note M5 (2018) in order to provide a standardised approach to MCPD testing in the UK.

Protea Support

Protea can supply equipment and train your personnel to perform the testing. We can provide a complete package to enable you to implement a MCPD suitable system of work.

MCPD equipment supply

MCPD procedure services

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