PC Controllers

PC Controllers

System Solutions

Protea’s range of core gas analysers use Windows-based PCs for analyser control and data storage. For use in industrial process and emissions measurement applications a rugged and robust analyser controller is required. Protea provide the following PC Controllers for various applications:


For mobile gas analysers, semi-rugged notebook computers are provided to withstand the harsh environments on plant.

PC Controllers

Continuous Plant

For fixed, continuous gas monitoring on plant, such as CEM systems, Protea uses Industrial 19” Rack Mount PC. These systems are heavily soak tested and use highly stable components. The controllers are provided with easily-swappable HDD bays so systems can be up and running in minutes should there be a HDD fault.

PC Controllers
PC Controllers


For installations with space constraints, Protea use the latest in embedded PC Controllers. These small fanless rugged units can be installed in tight spaces but offer all the control and automation needs to run fully functional CEM systems.


Laboratory users can run with laptop or desktop PC configurations based on the same high spec industrial standard components within our plant focussed analysis systems.

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