Sampling System Control

Sampling System Control

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Self-contained sampling control for use with Protea core gas analysers.

The control of the gas sample in any analysis system is critical. From heated sample lines and probes to pump control, the management of the system is important to stop any damage to analytical hardware. For this reason, Protea supplies the Sampling System Control Module (SSCM) with our range of FTIR, TDLAS and Mass Spectrometer core analyser systems.

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The SSCM contains PLC management of heated sample system alarms ensuring no condensed sample enters the analyser. With built in sampling pump, the sampling of gas can be controlled in-sync with the analyser.

Multiple span gas valves are integrated into the unit, so instrumental checks can be automated.


The SSCM CEM version is provided to turn the core gas analyser into a permanent continuous emissions monitoring system. The SSCM CEM connects to Protea’s PAS-Pro software for running CEM systems. PAS-Pro collects and analyses data from gas analysers, but with SSCM CEM integration PAS-Pro also controls the entire measurement system. Automated span gas calibrations can be taken to satisfy quality assurance checks, with data that can be saved for audit purposes. The SSCM CEM contains heated line temperature controllers for accurate regulation of sample gas temperature. Heated probe alarms are fed into the unit to ensure no sampling takes place with the risk of condensation.

SSCM Multi-stream

The SSCM Multi-stream version is provided to enable the single core gas analyser to measure from up to 12 separate sample streams. By connecting the SSCM to Protea Heated Stream Selection Module (HSSM), sample streams can be controlled sequentially so enabling plant process measurements to be made from various locations. Alternatively for emissions measurements that are required from many points on plant, the SSCM Multi-stream allows for these to be monitored.

The sampling sequence is completely programmable via PAS-Pro software. All possible sequences can be set i.e. Stream 1 – 4 hours; Stream 2 – 0.5 hours; Stream 3 – 0.5 hours; back to Stream 1 – 4 hours etc. All data is logged in separate tagged files for ease of audit. Outputted data over OPC or Modbus is set to separate channels for each stream for ease of plant data recording. For completely heated sampling systems (up to 180°C), the SSCM Multi-stream gives alarm management for all heated sample lines and probes.

SSCM Custom

The standard SSCM unit can be customised by Protea for unique applications that enable a bespoke measurement solution to be provided to our customers. For example, Protea have provided systems for FTIR gas measurements in accordance with the fire testing standard ISO 19702. This custom SSCM unit allows the sampling of data in accordance with the methodology set down in the standard. This makes it simple and easy for our customers to meet their requirements of quality whilst reducing the time taken to run multiple tests.

Protea often supplies the customised SSCM unit with customised sampling system components, such as bespoke configurations of filters, valves and probes.

Temperature Control Module

Temperature Control Module

For multiple sample stream monitoring of hot, wet gas temperature regulation of the heated sample lines is of great importance. Protea's 19" rack mounted Temperature Control Module (TCM) is a low-cost, high performance controlling system for up to 4 heated sample lines.

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