Ethylene Oxide Analyser

The atmosFIR FTIR gas monitoring system from Protea has been successfully installed measuring low levels of Ethylene Oxide emissions from sterilisation facility. Working together with the supplier of the emissions purification technology, Protea’s FTIR gas analyser can monitor the very low emissions produced post-purification to confirm emissions are below the stringent limit values and that the abatement process is working effectively. A measurement range of 0 – 5ppm of Ethylene Oxide was delivered, with a lower detectable limit of 20ppb.

Ethylene Oxide Monitoring Ethylene Oxide Monitoring

The atmosFIR system delivered is the same configuration as our MCERTS approved emissions system for combustion incineration processes, but with a lower operating sample temperature. The benefit of FTIR as a solution is, not only that it can deliver the measurement accuracy for Ethylene Oxide itself, but FTIR allows for the addition of other gases or interference correction should there be any other gases within the sterilisation and abatement process in the future.

Component Range 1 LDL Units % of Range Result
Ethylene Oxide C2H4O 0-5 0.02 ppm 0.38 Pass
Ethylene Oxide Monitoring