FTIR Training

FTIR Training

Using FTIR

Either to be provided with one of our own FTIR gas analyser systems, or provided to users of other FTIR equipment, Protea’s FTIR training course provides an in-depth and thorough training course for both the new comer to FTIR and also the experienced user.

From an overview of spectral theory, to a breakdown of the components within an FTIR analysis system, our training courses enable the laboratory user or plant engineer to get the most out of this powerful technology.

FTIR Data Analysis

The beauty of FTIR spectroscopy for industrial gas analysis is the collection of spectral data that can be reviewed and re-analysed offline to provide extra information on gas species within the process.

However the tools and techniques to do this are not always fully explained or demonstrated to newcomers to this technology. Protea can provide 2 day training courses specifically for the analysis of FTIR data. Starting with a review of data quality and spectral care, the course introduces the customer to the concepts of FTIR spectral analysis such as chemometrics.

Protea uses real examples and the training course is carried out in a classroom environment ensuring the trainees are helped through the new concepts. Ideally, Protea runs their data analysis training courses about 1-2 months after a customer has taken receipt of their Protea FTIR gas analyser. This means the training course can be carried out on the customer's actual data, giving them a head start in their process studies or environmental reporting requirements.