CEM Integration by Protea

8th March 2021

Protea can quickly and cost-effectively provide gas analyser integration support for your project.

Protea’s own extractive emissions analysers use a modular concept for CEM design and build. This not provides engineering benefits for our own manufactured analysers, but also allows for Protea to support the integration of 3rd part instruments cost-effectively. As a UK-based expert on gas analysers and CEMS, Protea can integrate and customise analyser operation for a range of process and emissions applications.

Our Sampling System Control Module (SSCM) product is a PLC-based CEM control unit that can manage features such as:

  • Heated Line Alarms
  • Heated Probe Alarms
  • Multiple Span Gases
  • Span Direct/Probe
  • Sampling control, including pump integration
  • Blow-Back/Back-Purge
  • By-Pass Sampling Control