Emissions Reporting Software from Protea (DAHS)

12th March 2021

Protea can provide software for regulatory emissions reporting, offering both our MCERTS certified QAL3 software, atmosDAHS, and non-certified comprehensive ProDAHS.

Emissions Reporting Software from Protea (DAHS)

Protea can offer software and hardware DAHS options that can work with both our own CEM analysers and also 3rd party monitoring systems. Our data reporting software can be applied to emissions, process, ambient, meteorological and water data.

Our emissions reporting software has been developed to the high standards required by continuous emissions monitoring standards, certificates and directives including:

  • IED regulations for power plants (Directive 2001/80/EC) and waste incinerators (Directive 2000/76/EC)
  • European Standard EN 14181
  • US EPA
  • Environmental Permitting (EP) regulations (Part A and Part B)
  • EN 17255 Data acquisition and handling systems

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