Fast Scanning FTIR

16th March 2021

Protea’s atmosFIR FTIR analyser range is now available with fast scanning operation. Fast scanning is standard, with no need for special hardware.

Fast Scanning FTIR

With a maximum resolution of better than 0.7cm-1 (unapodized), and standardized resolutions of 1cm-1, 4cm-1 and 8cm-1, the atmosFIR FTIR gas analyser has always been a flexible analytical tool. Now a range of scanning speeds can be added to standard configurations.

Fast Scanning FTIR

Maximum speed of measurement is <0.2sec or 5Hz operations (i.e. 5 readings per second).

Changes in speed and resolution do not require any hardware changes and all the user needs do is load one of a standard set of configuration files. This further extends the atmosFIR FTIR use to applications requiring very quick response.

Portable and fixed fast scanning applications include:

  • Exhaust emissions testing
  • Fire Testing
  • Quick response warning applications


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