AQE / WWEM 2018 From Dirty Diesel to Clean Carbon Dioxide & Biogas

29th November 2018

Following on from the Quality and Environment exhibition and the Water, Waste Water and Environmental Monitoring show on the 21st and 22nd of November, Protea have appeared in an online article focused on “dirty diesel to clean carbon dioxide and biogas”. The full article can be seen by clicking the image below and there is more information also available below the image from the article.

From Dirty Diesel To Clean Carbon Dioxide & Biogas

To monitor and control this potential issue, measurement of siloxanes in a matrix of biogas can be achieved using FTIR instrumentation. Victoria Brewster, Product Leader for Spectroscopic Solutions at Protea commented to gasworld on the analyser that her company offers for this application:

“Protea used to operate a UKAS accredited stack emissions testing laboratory as well as manufacturing analysers. But, we were never really satisfied with the instrumentation that was commercially available for some of the more exotic challenges that this sector presented to us. So, we began to innovate our own instrumentation and data analysis software. Over the years, this has evolved to the highly sophisticated and robust solutions that we have brought to the AQE this year, including our atmosFIR, which is ideally suited to sub-ppm level siloxanes analysis in the biogas sector,” said Brewster.