MCERTS Accreditation for Protea

19th January 2018

We are pleased to announce that our Protea 2000 In-Situ Infra-red gas analyser is now accredited for MCERTS standard. This accreditation is tested to a European standard (15267-3) which is globally recognised. The new approval allows for Protea to offer and supply the P2000 Series Continuous Emission Monitor with Protea Control Unit.

Monitoring emissions to air, land and water (MCERTS) is a business emissions to air, land and water are regulated under strict European and UK laws, to protect the environment and human health. Businesses either monitor their emissions all the time, known as continuous monitoring, or at times defined in their permit, known as spot tests or periodic monitoring. In both cases they must meet quality requirements. MCERTS is the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme. It provides the framework for businesses to meet our quality requirements. As we now comply with MCERTS we can have confidence in the monitoring of emissions to the environment.