Multipoint Gas Analysis Solutions

Using FTIR, TDL and FID for Multistream Gas Measurement

Protea’s FTIR, TDL and QMS analysers are available with control for multiple sample points. A multiple sample point or multistream solution can enable cost savings by allowing one analyser to make sequential measurements from many different sample points. Protea’s software and hardware gives automatic or manual control from up to 64 sample points. Most of these options come as standard within the software and Protea also has a number of multistream hardware products that connect with ease.

Multistream systems from Protea are not necessarily bespoke integrations, but use tried and proven components and features. The modular aspect of our designs means a multistream solution can begin with a low number of points and additional pieces of hardware added in time to build an expanded solution.

Multistream Applications


  • Inlet and Outlet from Abatement
  • Multi-stack CEMs with standby systems
  • High dust CEMs with dual sample system
  • Portable NH3 Multipoint analyser


  • Pilot process studies
  • Multiple test rig sampling


  • Workplace/occupational health sampling
  • Hospital air monitoring
Multistream Applications

Multistream Benefits

  • Separate analyser calibration file for each sample point
    • A different set of gases and ranges can be measured from each sample point
    • One FTIR can do the job of hundreds of sensors
  • Separate configuration file for each sample point
    • Variable measurement times configured for each stream
    • Some points can be quick measurements (2-5 seconds), some longer (1-2 minutes)
    • One FTIR can operate as a quick process indicator from some streams, or a detailed low detection limit analyser on others
  • Pauses can be configured in the sequence, to allow gases to condition in the sampling system and the analyser
  • By-pass pump can be provided and controlled by the software. This allows non-sampled positions to be flushed with sample ready for measurement, ensuring quick response time
  • Span gas checks per stream, allowing each point to have response time and to check for leaks
  • Heated multiple sample point systems available up to 12 streams, with 12 heated probe alarms and 12 heated line alarms with heated valve manifolds
  • Sequence easily built in PAS-Pro software – no programming or PLC programme updating needed
  • Separate log file for data for each stream - easy for operator to sort data and report values
  • Separate OPC and Modbus data outputs for each stream