Shipping Is Targeting Zero Emissions With A New Industry Coalition

30th October 2023

The maritime industry is making significant strides towards achieving zero emissions. The Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance (ZEMBA), a non-profit organization consisting of major retail brands, has initiated a Request for Proposals (RfP) for the transportation of 600,000 twenty-foot containers (TEUs) over a three-year period using ocean vessels powered by zero-emission fuels.

Shipping Is Targeting Zero Emissions With A New Industry Coalition

ZEMBA's inaugural tender has garnered support from over 20 members, including industry giants like Amazon, IKEA, Nike, and others. Shipping is among the challenging sectors where decarbonization is imperative, and ZEMBA's coalition is introducing innovative procurement methods with the backing of leading global companies.

Over the course of three years, ZEMBA aims to assist its member companies in reducing nearly 1 million tons of carbon emissions. The ZEMBA RfP is designed to solicit bids for shipping services from individual carriers or consortiums that achieve a minimum 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels throughout their lifecycle. The choice of fuel will also address safety and land use concerns, particularly those related to biogenic substances.

Through this initiative, ZEMBA expects to help its member companies reduce almost 1 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to removing 215,000 cars from the road. The delivery of shipping services powered by cleaner fuels is anticipated by 2025.

Given the global reach of the maritime shipping sector and the multitude of companies relying on ocean transport, cargo owners cannot drive the demand for zero-emission solutions on their own. Initiatives like ZEMBA and the First Movers Coalition within the maritime decarbonization space allow cargo owners of various sizes to accelerate action and benefit from economies of scale.

ZEMBA stands out as the sole buyers' alliance in the maritime sector dedicated to expediting the commercial deployment of zero-emission shipping. By committing to ZE solutions through advanced market agreements, ZEMBA members will gain early access to zero-emission shipping services not currently available, instilling confidence among private sector stakeholders and policymakers that there is sufficient demand for zero-emission solutions to drive additional investment and regulatory action at the global, regional, and domestic levels.

The Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance (ZEMBA) represents a groundbreaking consortium in the maritime industry, committed to hastening the adoption of zero-emission shipping, fostering economies of scale, and empowering cargo owners to achieve emissions reductions that surpass what any single freight buyer could achieve independently. Through consolidated demand and a competitive forward procurement process, ZEMBA members will access zero-emission shipping services ahead of the curve and encourage other participants in the maritime value chain to invest further, knowing that substantial demand for zero-emission solutions is present.

Protea has been at the forefront of emissions monitoring systems for 20 years, as both a manufacturer and a user of stack emissions equipment. We fully embrace industry leading shipping and marine emissions initiatives.

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