MFC Gas Divider

The accurate calibration of gas analysers is critical, during factory build, routine service but also for on-going field assessment of analyser performance.

Protea has developed the atmosCAL Gas Blender to enable dilution of high concentration gas cylinders over lower concentration ranges, in order to calibrate gas analysers – allowing characteristics such as absolute reading, repeatability, reproducibility, linearity and response time to be tested on analysers.

Using multiple Mass Flow Controller (MFC) technology, generating required gas concentration is as simple as typing into the touchscreen the desired concentration and choosing the flow rate. MFC technology operates on the principal of thermal mass, and different gases require compensation.

The atmosCAL embedded software is pre-loaded with a range of compensation factors so the majority of gases can be used with the atmosCAL without adjustment.

Windows 10 IoT
atmosCAL Data Sheet

For calibration of laboratory and field gas analysers:

  • Up to 8 gas bottles diluted
  • Sequences of calibration for unattended operation
  • ppb, ppm, mg/m3, %Vol units
  • Gas compensations
  • ISO 17025 calibration
  • High or Low Flow Options
  • Variable Flow MFCs for higher accuracy low-level calibrations
  • Coated parts for reactive gas calibrations
  • Modbus and Analogue Inputs for Gas Analyser Data Logging alongside calibration values
atmosCAL - MFC Gas Divider Specifications

atmosCAL - MFC Gas Divider
atmosCAL - MFC Gas Divider
atmosCAL - MFC Gas Divider
atmosCAL - MFC Gas Divider