Wet calibration gas generator for CEMS

A calibrator is an important piece of equipment to validate any gas analyser, in particular Automated Measurement Systems (AMS) or Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems (CEMs).

As Protea manufactures a range of gas analysers, we designed the atmosFieldCAL to allow calibration of Protea, or other manufacturer’s, analysers against a range of standards and procedures. The atmosFIeldCAL allows for accurate, stable water (H2O) concentrations to be generated in the field. This can be used for moisture calibration or interference correction on CEMS.

The product also allows for the injection of solutions of gaseous parameters to calibrate the system – HCl, NH3 and HF can all be calibrated in the field.

atmosFieldCAL Data Sheet

For calibration of field gas analysers:

  • Water (H2O) %Vol level calibration for interference check
  • Addition of H2O + span gas check for wet gas validation
  • Up to 2 gas cylinders mixed diluted
  • Sequences of calibration for unattended operation
  • ppm, mg/m3, %Vol units
  • Gas compensations
  • ISO 17025 calibration available
  • High or Low Flow Options
  • Variable Flow MFCs for higher accuracy low-level calibrations