atmosFIR is the latest generation of gas analyser technology from Protea. The atmosFIR system improves upon previous FTIR technology and represents one of the most cost-effective and flexible analytical products on the market today.

atmosFIRw has been designed to give a complete measurement system with embedded touchscreen controller. At the heart of atmosFIRw is a high-resolution, robust and proven FTIR spectrometer offering high signal throughput, low-noise and long lifetime of components. atmosFIRw has been developed to incorporate the latest improvements and advantages in technology, including:

  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Robust and light, including the latest in fabrication materials
  • atmosFIR combines an FTIR analyser with an in-built sampling system and embedded PC controller for a complete system

These advantages come with the benefit of improved performance over existing products, due to the new small, robust, high resolution interferometer with low noise measurement. atmosFIR is fitted with a sensitive DTGS detector, operating at ambient temperature without need for liquid nitrogen or other cooling. Protea continues to offer our powerful in-house software suite, training and support, so that the user is able to achieve the best performance out of the product. PLS algorithms offer great advantages over more traditional chemometrics.

Multi-component, multi-range FTIR gas analyser with embedded touchscreen controller. Measure 1000’s of gases with single unit. No-limit on number of gas measurements at once, using powerful PLS algorithms. Data can be downloaded and re-analysed offline for new gases.

Specific Applications for atmosFIRw:

  • Ambient Air Testing
  • Workplace Exposure Limit Measurement
  • Hospital and Medical Department air testing
  • Online Process Measurement
  • Siloxane Measurements
  • EX installation for Flammable Gas monitoring

atmosFIRw Brochure