Introducing Protea's new range of laser gas analysers - Solus. The Solus platform represents an extension of Protea's spectroscopic gas analysis equipment into laser based technology, allowing for highly selective, quick response and low range measurements of 1 or 2 gases in a cost-effective, re-configurable package.

Solus utilises the latest in Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), together with the best in micromachining technology, to deliver a precisely controlled narrow wavelength that can be tuned over a small range. The narrow linewidth allows for selection of precise spectral absorbance in the NIR region, free from cross-interferences of other absorbing gases. For some tuning ranges, a number of gases can be measured by tuning a single laser diode e.g. NH3 and H2O.

The Solus extractive TDLAS gas analyser range has been developed to incorporate the advantages in technology, including:

  • Very low cost of ownership and maintenance cost
  • Portable gas analysis
  • Reconfigurable for multi-gases with change of laser diode
  • Robust and light, including the latest in fabrication materials such as carbon fibre chassis and patent pending insulation design
  • Simple to use, quick to deploy and no need for consumable zero or span gases
Solus Brochure

Solus Screen

Solus NH3

For applications such as ammonia slip measurement in De-NOx processes via Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), the TDLAS technology within Solus NH3 provides quick, accurate ammonia measurements as well as moisture readings. With the optional zirconia oxygen sensor, Solus gas analyser provides three gas measurements for process control and emissions compliance.

The Solus ammonia analyser can achieve sub-ppm concentration measurements with quick measurement times of as low as 1sec. With a very low volume cell (15ml), response times for an extractive system are as quick as possible. Compared to in-situ measurements, Solus offers:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Convenient location
  • Transportability
  • Configurability (new laser = new gas measurement)
  • In-built zero and span check
  • Zirconia oxygen measurement
  • Embedded control PC offering OPC Server communications and control

Solus HCL

HCl is a common gas measurement required from waste incineration directive (WID) processes such as municipal incinerators, medical waste incinerators and cement plants. For continuous online measurement of HCl, infra-red absorption spectroscopy is ideal. The Solus HCl gas analyser allows for accurate HCl measurements to be made down to sub-ppm measurements and the tuning range of the laser allows for moisture to also be monitored. If coupled with the optional zirconia O2 sensor, Solus provides three gas measurement (HCl/H2O/O2) ideal for compliance and regulatory emissions monitoring.

Protea can provide Solus as a standalone portable analyser for mobile stack emissions testing of HCl or HCl process profiling. Housed in a 19" rack module, Solus also offers the option of an integrated TDLAS HCl analyser into existing fixed CEM systems providing them with the advantage of continuous HCl measurement without the outlay and expense of a new full CEM system just to add HCl.