Solus Multipoint Portable Ammonia Analyser

Solus Multipoint Portable Ammonia Analyser

The Solus Multipoint NH3 Ammonia gas analyser is ideal for ambient air and livestock monitoring applications of Ammonia (NH3). The Solus is a complete transportable ammonia measurement solution for up to 10 sample points. Ammonia is a primary measurement parameter under the Verification of Environmental Technologies for Agricultural Production (VERA) Test Protocol for Livestock Housing and Management Systems.

Protea’s experience in industrial gas emissions monitoring and analyser manufacture has enabled the development of the Solus analyser platform to give easy-to-use and direct NH3 readings by test organisations or farms adhering to the VERA protocol. Using a proven TDLAS sensor, the Solus Multipoint is combined with integrated sampling system for 10 sample points within the one transportable case. A 10-way valve manifold using non-corroding sampling parts can allow for automatic sequenced sampling for multiple points on-site. The built-in sample pump draws the sample through the currently selected stream, and the option for external by-pass pump means the samples can be on constant purge to give quick response times.

Solus Mulitpoint Portable Ammonia Analyser

The Solus Multipoint is provided with embedded touchscreen controller, giving live measurement values of gas concentration and sampling system status. The on-screen trend enables process or operational peaks of emissions to be identified. Solus is a continuous measurement system, so 24hour measurement periods are easily possible, as well as shorter batch runs. The on-screen controller allows for collection of separate 'test data' for ease of reporting. Data is recorded to local .csv file for USB download, or the Solus analyser can be networked via the built-in Ethernet port for OPC or Modbus control and reading.

With the on-board I/O, auxiliary inputs can be made for temperature, humidity, dust, pressure or flow measurements, allowing Solus to act as a complete measurement hub for site studies.