Wet Gas Calibrator for CEMS

16th April 2024

Protea has released our new, improved wet gas calibrator for field calibration of CEMS. The atmosFieldCAL is a portable device that allows for wet or humidified calibration gas to be generated on-site to validate AMS/CEMS or P-AMS.

Wet Gas Calibrator for CEMS

For commissioning or annual linearities (QAL2/AST) of water vapour measurements, atmosFIeldCAL can validate Protea or other manufacturers CEMS, either in-situ or extractive types. Cross-sensitivity to water can be assessed quickly on-site. The calibrator allows for single or dual gas inputs. With two gases, a check or span gas applied at the same time as the water, so cross interference at zero and span points can be assessed. As well as water vapour, solutions of HCl/NH3/HF can be used to validate CEMS measuring these gases, such as Protea’s atmosFIR and P2000 CEMs.

The atmosFieldCAL’s compact, backpack size is ideal for validating portable emissions equipment (P-AMS) on site too, such as Protea’s portable atmosFIRt FTIR. Mobile emissions test data can be validated with water vapour checks before and after data collection. The atmosFieldCAL can be provided with ISO 17025 calibration.

Please contact Protea for more information.

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