atmosFIR CEM Data Collection Emissions Reporting Software

The continuous logging, reporting and assessment of emissions data is required by plant operators to ensure compliance with permits and standards. Protea’s atmosFIR Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) System is a complete online emissions monitoring solution and can now be supplied with built-in regulatory reporting software, without the need for any external hardware (PC’s or data-loggers).

atmosFIR CEM Data Acquisition Emissions Reporting software has been developed to the high standards required by continuous emissions monitoring standards, certificates and directives including MCERTS, the IED regulations for power plants (Directive 2001/80/EC) and waste incinerators (Directive 2000/76/EC), European Standard EN 14181, US EPA and Environmental Permitting (EP) regulations (Part A and Part B). AC-DC also meets the requirements of EN 17255 Data acquisition and handling systems.

Quality Assurance Table

In-Built Emissions Reporting software within atmosFIR CEM platform

  • MCERTS Certified
  • EN 17255 compliant
  • QAL3 management
  • Configurable reports ready for print
  • Real-time graphs and charts
  • Unlimited sensor readings
  • Partial Averaging – predictive warning system
  • analyser controller - no extra hardware required
  • External Emissions Server can be provided or data backups
  • Incineration (Chemical/Clinical/Municipal)
  • Power (Gas/Coal/Oil/Biomass)
  • Cement Works
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refining
  • Gas Turbines

Features Table