Emissions Monitoring DAHS Server

Protea’s atmoStation is a complete online data acquisition and handling (DAHS) server containing a wide range of data collection methods and protocols and can be supplied running certified emissions reporting software.

atmoStation provides a complete historical log of data to meet the needs of operators or any local inspections. High quality displays of real-time data can be configured to be as simple or as detailed as needed, featuring multi-windows and resizable graphs and charts. Historical data from commissioning onwards is accessible via the trend and reporting facilities.

Unlimited sensor readings can be inputted at 1 second internals. Any instrument with a digital or analogue output signal can be integrated.

atmoStation - Emissions Monitoring DAHS Server

Emissions and Metrology Data Acquisition and Reporting System

  • Emissions, Ambient Air, Meteorological and Process Data
  • ProDAHS or atmosDAHS (MCERTS Certified) Reporting software
  • Ethernet / Serial / USB / Analog / Digital inputs
  • Wide range of protocols – Modbus/Profibus/OPC
  • Configurable reports ready for print
  • Real-time graphs and charts
  • Span gas delivery to CEMs
  • Incineration (Chemical/Clinical/Municipal)
  • Power (Gas/Coal/Oil/Biomass)
  • Cement Works
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refining
  • Gas Turbines
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Software Features
Software Features